NHL 10/27 23:30 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΤΟΡ Μέιπλ Λιφς - View
NHL 10/29 23:00 - ΚΑΡ Χιούρικεινς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς - View
NHL 10/31 00:00 - ΣΤΛ Μπλούς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς - View
NHL 11/02 00:00 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΟΤΤ Σένατορς - View
NHL 11/04 00:30 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΚΑΡ Χιούρικεινς - View
NHL 11/06 00:00 - ΓΟΥΙΝ Τζετς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς - View


NHL 10/24 23:00 - [3] ΝΤΙ Ρεντ Γουίνγκς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς [7] L 6-3
NHL 10/22 00:30 - [4] ΒΑΝ Κάνουκς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς [8] L 4-1
NHL 10/20 00:00 - [15] ΝΥ Αϊλάντερς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς [5] L 4-1
NHL 10/16 23:00 - [4] ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΠΙΤ Πένγκουινς [1] L 2-5
NHL 10/15 23:00 - [6] ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΝΤζ Ντέβιλς [12] L 3-4
NHL 10/14 02:00 - [2] ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v Κολ Άβαλανς [2] L 2-4
NHL Pre-Season 10/10 00:30 - ΜΙΝ Γουάιλντ v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς W 1-5
NHL Pre-Season 10/08 00:00 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΜΙΝ Γουάιλντ L 2-3
NHL Pre-Season 10/04 23:30 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΝΤΙ Ρεντ Γουίνγκς W 6-4
NHL Pre-Season 10/03 00:00 - ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς v ΣΤΛ Μπλούς W 5-1
NHL Pre-Season 10/02 00:30 - ΣΤΛ Μπλούς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς L 6-3
NHL Pre-Season 09/30 00:30 - ΝΤΙ Ρεντ Γουίνγκς v ΣΧΙ Μπλακχοκς L 4-3

Wikipedia - Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks (spelled Black Hawks until 1986, and known colloquially as the Hawks) are a professional ice hockey team based in Chicago. The Blackhawks compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Central Division in the Western Conference and have won six Stanley Cup championships since their founding in 1926. They are one of the "Original Six" NHL teams, along with the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, and New York Rangers. Since 1995, the team has played their home games at the United Center, which they share with the National Basketball Association's Chicago Bulls; both teams previously played at the now-demolished Chicago Stadium.

The Blackhawks' original owner was Frederic McLaughlin, a "hands-on" owner who fired many coaches during his ownership and led the team to win two Stanley Cup titles in 1934 and 1938, respectively. After McLaughlin's death in 1944, the team came under the ownership of the Norris family, who acted as their landlord as owners of the Chicago Stadium, and also owned stakes in several of the NHL teams. At first, the Norris ownership was as part of a syndicate fronted by longtime executive Bill Tobin, and the team languished in favor of the Norris-owned Detroit Red Wings. After the senior James E. Norris died in 1952, the Norris assets were spread among family members, and James D. Norris became the owner of the Blackhawks. The younger Norris took an active interest in the team, which won another Stanley Cup title under his ownership in 1961. After James D. Norris died in 1966, the Wirtz family became owners of the franchise. In 2007, the team came under the control of Rocky Wirtz, who is credited with turning around the organization, which had lost fan interest and competitiveness; under Wirtz, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup three times in 2010, 2013 and 2015, respectively.