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ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 08/14 00:00 - [8] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Τσαττανοόγκα Ρεντ Γούλβς [3] D 1-1
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 08/10 23:45 - [10] Νορθ Καρολάινα v Φόργουορντ Μάντισον [7] L 2-1
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 08/05 23:00 - [5] Σαρλότ Ιντιπεντένσε v Φόργουορντ Μάντισον [6] D 0-0
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 07/31 00:00 - [5] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Νορθερν Κολοράντο Χέιλστορμ [9] D 1-1
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 07/27 00:00 - [5] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Γιουνιον Ομαχα [7] D 0-0
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 07/17 00:00 - [5] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Σάουθ Τζόρτζια Τορμέντα [3] W 2-0
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 07/06 01:00 - [10] Νορθερν Κολοράντο Χέιλστορμ v Φόργουορντ Μάντισον [9] W 1-2
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 06/26 22:00 - [8] Σαρλότ Ιντιπεντένσε v Φόργουορντ Μάντισον [6] L 6-2
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 06/24 00:00 - [7] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Ρίτσμοντ Κίκερς [1] W 2-1
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 06/19 23:30 - [9] Σάουθ Τζόρτζια Τορμέντα v Φόργουορντ Μάντισον [8] D 2-2
Ευρώπη - Φιλικά 06/17 00:00 - Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Πάντερμπορν L 1-2
ΗΠΑ - USL Λιγκ 1 06/12 00:00 - [9] Φόργουορντ Μάντισον v Γκρίνβιλ Τράιουμφ [1] W 3-2


 TotalΟμάδα 1Ομάδα 2
Matches played 35 18 17
Wins 10 7 3
Draws 13 7 6
Losses 12 4 8
Goals for 41 25 16
Goals against 45 20 25
Clean sheets 6 4 2
Failed to score 9 3 6

Wikipedia - Forward Madison FC

Forward Madison FC is an American professional soccer team based in Madison, Wisconsin. The team was founded in 2018, and played its inaugural season in 2019. The team competes in the third division of the US soccer league system and plays their home matches at Breese Stevens Field.


In January 2018, it was announced that Big Top Events, which owns the Madison Mallards and has operated Breese Stevens Field since 2015, were planning to bring a soccer franchise to Madison which would begin in early 2019. As part of the plan, Big Top Events looked to have $2 million invested into renovating the stadium, pending a contract renegotiation with the City of Madison. Big Top Events wished to have a longer term lease, along with an increase in the number of concerts at the stadium, more employees at the venue, and $1.6 million from the city for facility upgrades.

On May 15, 2018, the Madison City Council approved a new ten-year contract with Big Top Events. As part of the agreement, the city agreed to pay $1.3 million toward facility improvements. This included an expansion of the stadium for a seating capacity of 5,000. Following this, Madison was officially announced as the fourth founding member of USL League One on May 17, 2018. The professional league, which is the third-division in the US soccer league system, began in March 2019. Madison became the first team based in the Midwestern United States to join the league, and is the only current outdoor professional soccer team in Wisconsin. Following the announcement, Peter Wilt was appointed as managing director of the team. Wilt is well-known for founding new clubs; Madison was the sixth team Wilt helped launch, having previously been involved in the formation of teams such as Chicago Fire and Indy Eleven.

In June 2018, Madison Pro Soccer began a "Name Your Club" online voting contest to recommend a name for the team. Names under consideration spanned from traditional football names like "Madison United FC" to such whimsical choices as "Holsteins", "Madison Curds", and "77 Square Miles SC". On July 16, it was announced that the final vote was between the names "Forward Madison FC/SC" and "AFC Madison". Forward Madison FC was announced as the official name on November 18, 2018, along with the logo and team colors, at an event at the Wisconsin Historical Society. "Forward" is the state motto of Wisconsin.

On September 27, 2018, Daryl Shore was announced as the first head coach of Madison. He will also serve as the technical director of the team. Shore had previously worked in various roles at Chicago Fire with Peter Wilt, and served as the interim coach of Real Salt Lake in 2017. In September 2018, Don Smart was the team's first player signing, which was announced on October 24.

The club announced, on December 7, 2018, a one-year affiliation agreement with Minnesota United FC of Major League Soccer.

Following the club's inaugural season, Peter Wilt left to take a position with the league, developing supporters groups and assisting teams with their fan engagement.

On March 5, 2020, the Forward Madison FC announced a one-year affiliation agreement with the Chicago Fire FC of Major League Soccer.

On December 1, 2020, Carl Craig was announced as the head coach and technical director. Craig had previously served as the head coach of NASL club Minnesota United. Following a 9th place finish in 2021, Craig was dismissed.

Leading up to the 2022 season, Matt Glaeser was hired as head coach and technical director.

Social media presence

The team started receiving national attention in January 2019, during the polar vortex, when the social media intern tweeted a photo of a plastic flamingo stuck in the snow accumulating on the field. Within a few days, the snow became deep enough to cover the entire flamingo. This second tweet went viral, ending up with over 22 thousand likes, and 7.8 thousand retweets. "Full mingo" has become a catchphrase for the team.

Forward Madison has continued to have a strong digital media presence, which the club uses to promote itself to fans outside of the Madison area, billing itself as "the world's second favorite team".


On May 4, 2019, Forward Madison unveiled its dairy cow mascot, named "Lionela Bessi" following a fan vote. Bessi was brought back for the club's second season. When Lionela had a calf, the club adopted her as a mascot as well, and had another fan vote, ending up with the name "Rose Cowbelle," after the University of Wisconsin alumna and pro player Rose Lavelle.