Wikipedia - ICE Hockey League

The ICE Hockey League (International Central European Hockey League) known as the bet-at-home ICE Hockey League for sponsorship reasons) is a Central European hockey league that also serves as the top-tier ice hockey league in Austria, it currently features additional teams from Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia. The league was known as the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL) from 2003 until 2020.

Until 2005–06, the league consisted solely of Austrian teams. Since then, the league has added teams from Slovenia (from 2006 to 2017 and from 2021 onwards), Hungary (starting 2007–08), Croatia (from 2009–10 through 2012–13, and again from 2017–18 through 2018–19), the Czech Republic (starting in 2011–12 through 2019–20 and again from 2021-22 onwards), Italy (starting in 2013–14) and Slovakia (starting in 2020–21).

The non-Austrian teams are competing for the "League Champion" title. Only Austrian teams in this league are additionally eligible for the "Austrian Champion" title. The league has had different sponsors, and the current naming rights have been held by since 2020.